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Anjuna approached us to undertake the redesign and development of their website. They were seeking to update the website's appearance, design it in a modern and user-friendly manner, and ensure it stands out among competitors. Equally important to the Anjuna team was having an asset that could be easily maintained and managed internally. To establish a clear and focused strategy for the website, we used a range of research tools. Webflow's robust CMS proved to be a great fit for Anjuna, enabling them to effortlessly capture and access data. The result is a refined website that is both user-friendly and easy to navigate.





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Getting to know Anjuna

Anjuna provides cloud data security solutions. As a software service, its aim was a modern brand and website reflecting its tech expertise. But the old site fell short. To meet its new goals, Anjuna needed a refreshed, user-friendly appearance. Simultaneously, they aimed to internally manage future website updates for agility and cost efficiency.

The Challenges

A dated website can be particularly detrimental to a software company. Anjuna recognized the importance of having a consistent brand strategy across all its media platforms. To develop a relevant brand strategy, we embarked on understanding Anjuna's user base. This challenge was addressed through targeted user research and a comprehensive competitor analysis. Leveraging these valuable insights, we were able to formulate a brand and web strategy that was relevant and focused. Furthermore, the challenge of creating a user-friendly website for the Anjuna team was overcome by using Webflow's intuitive and powerful CMS.

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Brand strategy

Differentiating Anjuna from its competitors, while still retaining the look and feel of a top-tier software company, was crucial. Additionally, we aimed to enhance brand advocacy and establish brand authority for Anjuna. Comprehensive research played an invaluable role in crafting a brand that appealed to users while projecting a strong sense of reliability and trust, which are cornerstones of their brand.

Web strategy

After analyzing the data and feedback, we developed a web strategy that aimed to create a streamlined and straightforward online experience for Anjuna's users. Simultaneously, we ensured that the design elements, such as sleek design, a sophisticated color palette, and strategically placed animations, reflected Anjuna's high-tech solution optimally.


Empathy maps

Empathy maps are a collaborative effort. Working together with the relevant stakeholders at Anjuna, we created these empathy maps, which really shed light on Anjuna’s users and helped us fully understand the user personas' needs, wants, pain points, and goals. Building from the insights of the empathy maps, we could then create three-dimensional user personas. To ensure accurate design choices, we made it a priority to keep the user personas at the forefront of our strategic decisions.

Persona posters

Anjuna’s user personas emerged from the research feedback. Now we could put “faces” to the users we were ultimately creating the website for. Producing the personas as posters provides visual and textual aids that help us create relevant content for their website. Moreover, they are invaluable to Anjuna’s marketing team beyond the website.

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User stories

Once we knew who our user personas were, we could then go ahead and construct their user stories. In effect, user stories are where we evaluate what the personas need to accomplish when they visit a website. Using these user stories as our guide, we made sure the tasks the users were likely to want to accomplish could be done in a streamlined manner.

User story

Brand guide

For Anjuna, we had to create a brand guide that reflected their service effectively and ensured consistency across all media. We designed it for Anjuna so that all future marketing and app development stays true to the brand. This is even more important from the customer’s point of view, and the guide ensures that everyone is on the same wavelength.

Brand Guide
Brand Guide
Brand Guide
Brand Guide
Brand Guide


The creation of wireframes is a vital step in the process as they enable us to rapidly establish the page's content accurately. We develop wireframes concurrently with writing the copy for all key pages. We reviewed the wireframes together with Anjuna, and once we were satisfied with the results, we could proceed to delve into the design phase.


Website designs

Design was centered around a “dark theme” hi-tech look. 3D animated graphics were used in key areas to explain concepts visually. Circular design elements and soft gradients were used throughout to unify the designs.

Website design
Website designWebsite design

Client-First and best practices

When formulating the web strategy for Anjuna, it was imperative to adopt an approach that placed the user's interests at the core of the development process. Our development process aimed to ensure the website could be swiftly and efficiently maintained and built upon. We followed client-first principles and naming conventions, which include detailed documentation.

Webflow best practices

Training & hand-off

After completing the design and development phase, we convened with Anjuna to deliver thorough training and handoff. This involved conducting recorded one-to-one training sessions with the Anjuna team, covering topics such as the client-first approach, utilizing the Webflow CMS, and leveraging unique collections within the project.

"We’ve had the pleasure to work with the SVZ team on a complete re-design of our website. We were highly impressed by their structured approach and organization, as well as their customer-centric approach to web design. We’re very happy with the final outcome and results!"

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Vincent Huber
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