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Jrny was on the cusp of launching a new product to the market, and they wanted to ensure their new brand stood out from the competitors and offered users an experience that was tailored to their needs and designed to visually appeal to them. To achieve this, we based all our design and content decisions on insightful research, making the choices relevant and focused. Webflow offered us the flexibility to include custom coding in certain areas and provided a sleek, modern CMS.





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Getting to know Jrny

With a new product to showcase, Jrny was looking for a fresh website that would appeal to their target market with updated visuals and user-focused content. As they offer an alternative to traditional mortgages, their product required strong copy with images that helped convey their message clearly and unambiguously.

The Challenges

Jrny's previous website suffered from being visually bland and lacked differentiation from its competitors. Their new look had to be modern, appealing to their target market, and stand out from the visual elements commonly found across most of their competitors. Simultaneously, their message had to be user-focused and relevant. These factors posed a particular challenge as the product was new. To achieve this, we had to gain an understanding of who the users are. It was critical for the success of the new website that we undertook insightful research that yielded valuable, accurate, and actionable insights.

Understanding Journey visual

Empathy maps

The empathy maps were a key tool we used to help unlock a clearer picture of the potential Jrny users. This collaborative exercise, completed with the team at Jrny, helped flesh out the needs, wants, pain points, and goals of the personas. From this, colorful, fully-realized persona characters were developed. By keeping these user personas firmly in mind at all times, we were able to make strategic and data-driven design and content decisions for the website.

Persona posters

Modern and visually appealing persona posters are created, drawing from the research feedback. These visual and textual aids serve as enormously powerful reminders to help us and the team at Jrny in making user-focused decisions, ensuring that the website remains relevant and effective.

Journey research poster

User stories

Drawing from the data generated by the user research, we create detailed user stories. The purpose of the user stories is to ensure that the personas can efficiently and effectively accomplish what they need to on the website. It was then our job to ensure that the design and content were structured in a way that allowed users to complete their stories in an elegant and organized manner.

Competitor analysis

A detailed competitor analysis was undertaken not only to see where Jrny could differentiate itself from the pack, but also to identify areas of potential growth and space where improvements could be achieved and how to strengthen the brand overall. The competitor analysis is critical in finding the brand’s positioning in the market and elevating it above the noise.

Journey Analysis


Generating wireframes lets us swiftly fine-tune the page's content. It’s a really critical aspect of the design and development process. Wireframes for all significant pages are developed simultaneously with the copywriting stage. Once Jrny was satisfied with the layout of the wireframes, we could then proceed to the creation of a visually polished design.

Website designs

Design was centred around curves, used in image masks and as vector shapes. These were used throughout the design to create a unified look. We also implemented a new illustration style with a fresh palette in both the website and app. The result is friendly, fun and appealing to their personas.

App designs

We also designed the Jrny web app to ensure a seamless visual experience for their users when moving from the website to the app.


Client-First and best practices

When we designed the web strategy for Jrny, it was vital that we followed a client-first approach which put the user’s interest at the centre of the build process. So, our design had to ensure the website could be used quickly and effectively to meet users' needs, the structure is standardized across all pages, and it is easily manageable for the Jrny team.


Another aspect of the Jrny build which was vital to their website was the custom calculator. The flexibility of Webflow allowed us to code the calculator specifically for this client and their users’ requirements. The result was a sleek user tool that was a value-added component to the website.

Training & hand-off

On completion of the design and development, we got together with the Jrny team again to provide thorough training and an official hand off. Our training is personalised and comprehensive so the client feels comfortable taking the reis of their new website and leveraging it to it’s fullest This includes recorded one-to-one training sessions covering aspects like best practices, the client-centered approach and how to use the Webflow CMS.

"We’ve had the pleasure to work with the SVZ team on a complete re-design of our website. We were highly impressed by their structured approach and organization, as well as their customer-centric approach to web design. We’re very happy with the final outcome and results!"

Vincent Huber
Vincent Huber
Founder @ Jrny
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