This method gets results.

Our Growth Plan combines our Unlimited Design and Development plan with our strategy, media buying, PPC, and SMM team to continuously learn, track, and optimize.

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Set your strategy

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Find new demand

We will research active demand that is relevant to your business, delivering a report that details the opportunity with insights for your business. Schedule a call to see an example demand report for telemedicine platform Zipnosis.


Measure The Competition

We measure competitors chasing the demand we’ve uncovered, scoring their marketing and yours on quantitative and qualitative criteria, detailing strengths and weaknesses to deliver insights, strategies, and tactics to get you to that demand first. Schedule a call to see an example of our competitor analysis documents.


Align Your Story

Based on what we learn from demand and competitive research, we align your brand story to the needs of prospects while making you stand apart from your competitors. This strategic document is the basis for later creative work and gets your internal and external partners telling the same core story.


Deliver the scope of work for Stage 2

Based on the the demand and competition we’ve uncovered, we’ll outline a scope of work & playbook that includes executing and designing, developing, and deploying creative as well as tracking analytics, testing, learning, Iterating and growing results on an ongoing basis. We’ll send over a timeline, and budget retainer for both parties to review, edit, and approve.

Design, Track, Deploy

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Design, Develop, Deploy, and Track Creative


- Unlimited | Design Requests
- Unlimited | Development Requests
- Deployed on Search, Social, Etc
- Analytics & Tracking Set-up

We'll be designing, developing, and deploying creative as well as tracking analytics, testing, learning, Iterating and growing results on an ongoing basis by utilizing our SVZ | Unlimited Design & Development Service.

Learn, Grow, Optimize, Repeat

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Continuously Optimize & Grow Results

As part of our digital marketing services, we offer a comprehensive campaign management package that can help you achieve your advertising goals. Our experienced team will pilot your campaign, providing expert guidance and support to help you make the most of your advertising budget. We conduct a monthly campaign analytics audit to assess the effectiveness of your current strategies and provide recommendations to improve performance. Our team also delivers a monthly analysis of key performance indicators (KPIs) and develops an action plan to optimize your campaign based on our findings. We manage your social media, pay-per-click (PPC) strategy, media buying, and ad spend, ensuring that your campaign is running at peak efficiency. We also provide a monthly playbook for creative optimizations and design and development optimizations to keep your campaign fresh and effective. Finally, we implement suggestions based on our analysis and work closely with you to ensure that your campaign is achieving the results you need. With our campaign management services, you can feel confident that your advertising efforts are in good hands.


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Design Integration

  • Implement the design system, variables, and layout established in the UI/UX design phase within Webflow.
  • Ensure the site's responsiveness across various devices (mobile, tablet, desktop) and browsers utilizing advanced tools such as
  • Use Webflow's design features to create interactive components, such as animations, sliders, and form fields.
  • Develop all unique individual pages, templates, and detail pages, including all elements and components.

Technical Development

  • Develop all libraries, components, and variables in Webflow to ensure reusability and consistency across the site.
  • Integrate third-party components or plugins as needed to extend functionality, such as (but not limited to) javascript libraries (custom components), galleries, or e-commerce elements.
  • Implement Webflow CMS to manage dynamic content and collections efficiently.
  • Audit the integration of the web application into the Webflow site, including form integrations and user authentication bridges and states.


Front-end Optimization

  • Optimize the site for performance, focusing on page load times and asset management.
  • Implement lazy loading for images and other large resources, and use code minification techniques to improve site speed while maintaining clean HTML/CSS semantics.
  • Ensure SEO best practices are followed to maximize site visibility and that alt tags are added to the visual content.

Accessibility and Usability

  • Ensure compliance with accessibility standards, such as ARIA roles, alt text, and keyboard navigation.
  • Conduct usability testing to ensure a user-friendly experience across all devices and screen sizes.

CMS Development and Migration

All Inclusive Custom Webflow CMS Development for all pages included in the redesign listed above, including All CMS and dynamic content as necessary for each page.


Data Import and Mapping

If there is a lot of content to move on certain pages (blog, etc), it won’t make sense to manually migrate by entering it through the CMS one by one, we’ll want to upload via a CSV, however, sometimes this content isn’t accessible via CSV. In order to solve this issue our development team will use custom scripts to pull the site content data accurately and securely over to your freshly built CMS on Webflow, or we will handle the manual data entry on a case to case basis then review all data to make sure it’s consistent and without error. We can give the client access to the CMS after development to help populate content/data as well in tandem with our team.

  • Data import, mapping (blog, resources etc.)
  • Data cleaning in compliance with Webflow's data import guidelines.
  • Custom Development Import & Mapping
  • Manual Entry (as needed)
  • Create 301 redirects (as needed)


Web QA & Testing

Device Testing

  • Utilize a range of all modern day devices via Webflow & Sizzy including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers for testing.
  • Test on various operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows, macOS) to cover a diverse user base.
  • Ensure compatibility with all different modern day screen sizes and resolutions.

Browser Testing

  • Test on major browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, and Opera.
  • Include testing on both desktop and mobile versions of browsers.
  • Verify compatibility with older browser versions to accommodate users with diverse setups.

Component Testing

  • Test each individual component within the design Webflow system separately to ensure functionality and styling consistency across devices and browsers.
  • Check for responsiveness and adaptability of components to different screen sizes and orientations.

Collection Testing

  • Test collections of related components or modules to ensure they integrate seamlessly and function as expected across devices and browsers.
  • Verify consistency in design and behavior across the collection.

Page Testing

  • Test each page of the website or application on multiple devices and browsers.
  • Verify layout, styling, and functionality, including navigation, forms, interactive elements, etc.

Interaction Testing

  • Test interactive elements such as buttons, dropdowns, sliders, and menus across devices and browsers.
  • Ensure smooth functionality and responsiveness to user input.

Performance Testing

  • Evaluate page load times and overall performance across different devices and browsers.
  • Identify any performance bottlenecks and optimize as necessary to enhance user experience.

User Experience Testing

  • Assess overall user experience on different devices and browsers.
  • Solicit feedback from testers and stakeholders to identify areas for improvement.

Accessibility Testing

  • Ensure compliance with accessibility standards such as WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) or implement a tool such as accessible to exceed compliance goals.
  • Test with assistive technologies

Regression Testing

  • Conduct regression testing to ensure that updates or changes do not introduce new issues or regressions in previously tested components, collections, or pages.

Reporting and Documentation

  • Document test results and green-light development hand-off, report any bugs or issues encountered during testing.
  • Provide detailed reports to stakeholders with recommendations for resolution or further action if needed for any found issues.


Hand-off & Training

Webflow CMS Hand-off & Training:

  1. Set-up a call with Webflow Enterprise Team, SVZ, and Client to begin CMS Training & Upskilling - Webflow will have a dedicated process and resource for CMS training that will run in tandem with the resources SVZ will create and hand-off.
  2. Hand-off assets folder, documentation write up and collection of training video materials and bespoke CMS walkthrough created by SVZ. This will include any other systems and platforms integrated by SVZ, not just Webflow.
  3. Demo the CMS w/ a Live Walk-through including any other tools that need training.
  4. Provide ongoing support for any questions regarding Webflow CMS and any other tools as needed.

Webflow development

After we have completed high-fidelity designs ready for development we'll schedule a dev hand-off call. After transitioning the tone of the project towards development. We will work be working with you page by page to develop your custom pages and integrations. You'll be able to watch every-step of the way via a live preview link of our work. Each page will be tracked, developed, reviewed and approved.


Custom development

Upfront in our discovery phase we may have identified some "Custom development" items within your scope of work. If so, we'll be handling those items in this phase of the project alongside front-end development. This includes API Integrations, Custom Forms, Membership Sites, Ecommerce, Log-in, Large content migration, Etc...


On-page SEO

These On-Page SEO attributes we will make sure are built into your project:

  • Standard On-Page SEO (Meta Tags, etc) 
  • XML sitemaps
  • OpenGraph
  • Robots.txt
  • Ability to customize and redirect Slugs (URLs) (301 Redirects) 
  • BEM Class Naming & Styling (provides a better structure for your CSS code and scalable CSS.. BEM stands for Block Element, Modifiers, this means if you export your code outside of Webflow, it’ll be easy to use)
  • Dynamic Meta Data (Synced via CMS Inputs)


Content and CMS population

If there is a lot of content to move on certain pages (blog, etc), it won’t make sense to manually migrate by entering it through the CMS one by one, we’ll want to upload via a CSV, however, most of the time this content isn’t accessible via CSV. In order to solve this issue we’ll write custom scripts to pull the site content data accurately and securely over to your freshly built CMS on Webflow, or we will handle the manual data entry on a case to case basis.


CMS Training

Here's a brief tutorial series which will help to get up to speed on the Webflow CMS (Editor). It's incredibly user friendly :)

1. Client’s guide to the Webflow Editor: Introduction

Link for download: 

2. Client’s guide to the Webflow Editor: Pages tab

Link for download:

3. Client’s guide to the Webflow Editor: Collections tab

Link for download:

When we're finished with your project we'll create a custom video series outlining how to take full advantage of the Webflow Editor.


Hand-off and launch

Before we launch your website we'll complete an internal Q/A and triple check everything, once we have the green light we'll transfer the completed Webflow website to your account and create 2 back-ups. Depending on the scope of work we'll either help with deployment and launch on Webflow or we'll help you migrate the website to another platform of your choice.

Congrats!! You're a fellow Webflower :)

Scott Van Zandt

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