Problem was ready to evolve into a newer, sleeker version of their company. They wanted their brand and website to stand out from the competition in terms of their look and design and be reflective of current design trends in line with a cutting-edge technology company. They also needed to ensure their numerous resources, testimonials and articles were easy for them to update and simple to search for their audience.


To make sure didn’t fade into the noise of competing search engine companies, we chose a color palette and imagery that while still being professional and appropriate for the audience, stood out from the look and feel of their competition. Thanks to Webflow’s powerful CMS, we were able to design user-friendly resources, blogs and article sections that the client is easily able to add to whenever they wish.


Easy to update

This client had masses of resources that they needed to be able to update as the technology evolved. Webflow’s CMS was a perfect match giving them user-friendly control to add and adapt in their blogs, customer testimonials, resources and integrations template pages.


We designed a number of custom search examples to showcase product features and communicate the flexibility of their platform.


Search Integration

We integrated the website with’s powerful site search functionality to provide a rich experience.

Search Integration
Gated Content

Gated Content

Managing valuable content that only becomes available when a visitor gives you their contact details is an important lead generation tool. And it becomes easy to manage with Webflow CMS collections.


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