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After inspiring a strong and loyal customer following in their local region, Jax Snacks was looking to expand their market share on a national level. Up against big-name cheese puff players, Jax needed a new website that was attention-grabbing, interactive, and as tempting as their product. We set about updating the Jax brand and creating a website inspired by the concept of gamification, with fun micro-interactions and eye-catching animations.

Jax puffed curls

Getting to know Jax

Jax is already a well-established and much-loved brand in their local region. They came to us looking for help in expanding their brand awareness nationally. Their goal was to position their puffs as a viable and more appealing alternative to the better-known national brands. To help them achieve this aim, they needed to refresh their image and create a distinct, new website especially for the Jax brand.

The Challenges

The challenge for us was to design a website that reflected the product and its fun, upbeat personality, while also giving existing and potential consumers a reason to visit the website, providing a platform to interact with the brand, and ensuring they enjoy the experience once they were there.

A bag of Jax's puffed curls.

Web strategy

The web strategy was determined by the research. What the results from the research showed was that the new Jax website needed to be engaging, light-hearted, and vibrant. To drive users to the site and encourage them to stay, we needed to incorporate social media feeds and elements of website gamification. All brand development, photography, videography, 3D rendering and animations. were produced in-house at the SVZ studio.


Competitor analysis

The competitor analysis was crucial. Jax aimed to grow in a market dominated by big brands. We analyzed competitors' websites to understand their strategies. This guided us in creating a clear web strategy to differentiate Jax as the top puff snack choice.

Jax competitor analysis

User research

User research involved empathy mapping, persona posters, and user stories. We sculpted personas with Jax’s client-facing team, then crafted user stories to ensure website visitors achieve their goals seamlessly.

A group of people sitting around a table playing a game and eating Jax puffed curls.

Website designs

In a word: fun. The website design centered around creating a site that not only looked exuberant and eye-catching but was also engaging and entertaining to navigate on a user’s journey through the website. We chose bold colors that reflected the product and included playful micro-interactions and entertaining animations and sleek 3D rendering. We created upbeat videos and original imagery to reflect their high-spirited and cheerful brand. The layout was bright, clean, and clear with minimal fuss but maximum impact.

Jax website design
Jax website designBroken Jax puffed curl
Social Media

Social Campaign

Social media was the tool we used to inspire potential and existing customers to visit the site. We custom-created a selection of original artwork, videos, and imagery to link with social media channels and drive interest in and raise awareness of the brand and its products.

A man laying on a couch with a bag of Jax puffed curls next to him.Jax puffed curlA woman sitting in a chair with a snack in her hand.
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