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Feeling ensnared by the complexity and inefficiencies of running 3 different CMS systems on the old website, Envoy knew they needed to streamline with web technology that was user-friendly and unified. We leveraged the powerful Webflow CMS to handle all Envoy's content and helped them redesign their website into a more intuitive and enjoyable visitor experience.

Envoy logo surrounded by illustrated office workers

Getting to know Envoy

Envoy’s product helps their clients to optimize and effectively manage their workspaces. In order to mirror their product’s usability, reliability, and professionalism on their website, Envoy was looking to redesign key pages for a better user experience and transfer all their content onto a single, unified CMS that was intuitive for their team members to maintain in-house.

The Challenges

The major challenge we solved was upgrading the dated and inefficient CMS system. Envoy was using 3 separate CMS systems to help them manage their content. This was proving to be unwieldy and time-consuming. We needed to port the content from these 3 different systems and consolidate them onto Webflow's CMS for a unified experience.

Illustration of an office employeeEnvoy app

Web strategy

It was important to formulate a web strategy for Envoy that reflected the key components of their workplace management platform. These are specifically reliability, usability, and a sleek interface. To that end, we designed and developed a website with intuitive and streamlined navigation, a visual design that is engaging but uncluttered, and a CMS that is easy to maintain and update in-house.

Envoy Website

Empathy maps

Meeting with key stakeholders at Envoy, we worked collaboratively to produce empathy maps for their user personas. These insightful maps are invaluable for helping us flesh out three-dimensional personas that will aid us in making informed decisions regarding the design and content of the website. This ensures that decisions we make regarding the web strategy are based on sound and reliable research, resulting in a more impactful website.

Persona posters

From information gleaned from the empathy maps, we create vibrant, impactful persona posters. These visual tools are not only essential as visual reminders for us when we are designing and developing Envoy's website but are also incredibly useful aids for the Envoy marketing team to use across other media channels.

Persona poster

User stories

After identifying and building up the personas, we could then run hypothetical user stories to ensure that users can easily and efficiently achieve their aims when they visit the website. We deep dive into what the personas' needs, wants, and pain points are, and then we ensure we design flows on the website that help them easily accomplish what they need to.

User Story


Building out wireframes is a critical step in the process. Together with the copy, we create the wireframes to help establish an accurate overall indication of the website’s design. The wireframes are important because they provide an overview of the website while still allowing for an organic evolution that occurs during the creative process.


Website designs

The design for Envoy evolved from their pre-existing illustrative style. Our mandate was to design pages that were consistent with this style while creating a more user-friendly navigation and visually appealing layout.

Website design
Website designWebsite design

Client-First and best practices

Our development process aimed to ensure the website could be swiftly and efficiently maintained. It was imperative to adopt an approach that placed the user's interests at the core of the development process when formulating the web strategy for Envoy.

Best practices

Training & hand-off

After conducting personalized training sessions with the Envoy team members, they were fully prepared to take charge of their sleek, new website. This pivotal training and hand-off stage helps ensure a seamless transfer, as well as clarifying and resolving any concerns about maintenance and updates.

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