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Supermove came to us looking for a complete overhaul. We started with some in-depth research on their business and their users to help us develop a brand and web strategy that is relevant and focused.  Weblow’s powerful CMS was the perfect fit for the company - allowing Supermove to capture and access data easily. The result is a sleek, accessible and easy to operate website.





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Getting to know Supermove

Supermove offers modern software solutions for movers. However, they found that their branding was showing its age and not targeting their users cohesively. They were looking for a brand redesign and marketing strategy that was appealing to, and user-friendly for, their customers. They also needed a modern CMS to give their marketing team the ability to be agile.


A dated brand without a unified look across marketing media was one of the big challenges facing Supermove. They needed a cohesive brand strategy flowing through all their media, from the website through to merch. We needed to understand Supermove’s users to create a relevant brand strategy. And this is where another challenge arose. There was a lack of accurate insight into their users, which we overcame with in-depth research. This research is crucial to creating focused content and relevant branding.


Brand strategy

We had to communicate clearly to the customers the value of Supermove and to differentiate them from their competitors. We also wanted to create stronger brand advocacy and build brand authority for Supermove. To help achieve these goals, we analyzed the target market and performed a competitor analysis. Once finalised, the new branding and its guide helped us establish a plan for executing the strategy and engaging and enabling the Supermove team.

Web strategy

After analysing the research we came up a web strategy to create a fun, modern website which was streamlined and straightforward for users. We used the new brand identity we developed in a unified way, so it feels cohesive and seamless from one media to another.


Empathy maps

We created these insightful empathy maps during a collaborative exercise with the Supermove team. Together we compiled their user personas' needs, wants, pain points and goals. This helped us to flesh out the user personas into three-dimensional characters that we could keep at the forefront of our strategic decisions to make sure we made accurate design choices.

Persona posters

Using the research feedback, we created persona posters for Supermove’s users. These visual and textual aids help us and Supermove create relevant content across all marketing media. They steer the copy and make sure we make the right design decisions.

User stories

Based on the personas, we went ahead and created user stories. These are pivotal to ensure that the users can accomplish what they need to do efficiently and effectively. User stories are based on the framework: as persona A, I need/want to do task B to accomplish C. We then took these stories and made sure the tasks the users were likely to want to accomplish could be done in a streamlined manner.


Brand guide

For Supermove, consistency was one of the initial challenges we identified. They needed a consistent brand across all media. This is where the brand guide is so essential. We designed it for Supermove so that all future marketing and app development stays true to the brand. This is even more important from the customer’s point of view, and the guide ensures that everyone is on the same wavelength.


To help Supermove promote its business, we designed new brand swag consistent with the updated brand identity. This merch is created to advertise their business and create a brand culture for the Supermove staff.



Creating wireframes is an essential part of the process. They help us quickly get the content of the page right. All key pages get wireframes at the same stage as the copywriting. We went over the wireframes with Supermove, and once we were all happy, we could then dive into the picture-perfect design.


The designs are based on the new brand identity. We used unifying patterns, bold colors and high contrast for a visually appealing design. A significant feature of the design is where we created simplified visual representations of Supermove’s software features that sat alongside the explanatory copy. This is an important design element, and it’s user-friendly, as redrawing these elements helps bring across concepts more clearly for users.  


Client-First and best practices

When we designed the web strategy for Supermove, it was vital that we followed a client-first approach which put the user’s interest at the centre of the build process. So, our design had to ensure the website could be used quickly and effectively to meet users' needs, the structure is standardized across all pages, and it is easily manageable for Supermove.

Training & hand-off

Once the design and development were complete, we got together with Supermove to provide comprehensive training and hand-off. This entailed recorded one-to-one training sessions with Supermove staff on the client-first approach, how to use the Webflow CMS and unique collections in the project.

"Working with the team at SVZ was nothing short of amazing. When I decided to revamp the Supermove Visual ID and website, I knew we would need support from an agency. After a long search, SVZ rose to the top of the list. Not only does their portfolio speak for itself, they are THE one-stop shop for branding, design and development."

Travis Wingate
Travis Wingate
VP @ Supermove.co
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